26 Dec

We Started Pre-School!

When we got back from Chicago, we decided that the boys would benefit from a little time outside of the house everyday.  So we searched and searched through Villa Crespo to see if we could find a pre-school that was affordable and appropriate for the boys.  It was kind of hard since they would be coming in towards the end of the year, in September.  Here in Argentina, the school year starts in March and ends in December. 

We found a really lovely place – a small Maternal Pre-School, called Tiempo Niño.  I immediately felt right with them.  The Director is from Isreal and she is very educated and has been running the school since its inception 16 years ago.  She actually has people working in the school since the very beginning.  The manner in which the director and teachers speak with my children is respectful and loving.  And most importantly, they don’t talk to my boys like babies. There is no baby talk to my children. I want them to learn to talk like educated little boys and they have enough challenges learning the nuances of three languages at the same time, I don’t want to compound that with baby talk at this age when they need to start speaking like children.

in school

Aside from them learning about socialization with other children their age, they’re also learning about separating from me, and forming their own individual groups and personalities.

to school we go

I’m also working on a secret project that you’ll find out about in March.  But Shhh! don’t tell anyone! heehee


So, what do you think?