29 Jun

a week of ups and rounds

things that happened this week:

the boys moved to their own room.

we gave them haircuts. now they look like mini franciscan monks.  javier asked if he should give them he-man haircuts and i said, “uhhh, i don’t remember what he-man’s hair looked like”. he cut the length off a little on each of the little guys! their first haircuts!

i am working on a few projects in crochet.  i am practicing my granny squares.. and i decided to make a little granny square baby blanket.

bruno says, “kaka, agua”.  they both say “do” when i ask them yes or no questions which leads me to believe that they are saying “do” when they mean “yes”.  they love watching twinkle twinkle little star and little snowflake before going to bed. yesterday during dinner, they were eating their veggies and i asked tonio if he wanted some more. he screamed, “YIS!” and laughed so hard because i think he startled himself, bruno and me all at the same time! oh they’re so funny!

when bruno wants something to eat or drink that i have in my hands, he looks at me and claps his hands. tonio points his index finger or sometimes an open hand like he’s calling the waiter.

they both like climbing on the couch and trying to stand up, on the couch. my mother in law was here the other day and i explained how they’re not allowed to stand on the couches. I keep telling them, “now sit like a big boy” and “couches are for sitting, not for standing”, etc etc.. so in one moment, she was sitting on the couch and both boys come over and try to get on the couch and stand. she says, “no you can’t now because your mother doesn’t want you there”. and i corrected her.  i said, no, that’s not the case! if they’re going to be on the couch, they have to learn to sit on the couch. she insists that they won’t understand because they’re too young. my response was , “believe me, they understand a lot. they’re very intelligent little beings.  and they need to learn this now. i don’t want to be that mother whose children run around standing on furniture and i don’t want them to go to other people’s houses and feel like that’s acceptable.  this is when they learn how to behave”.  “you’re right,” she said, “you’re right”.  damn straight i’m right.

on a nice note, a friend with a one year old boy filmed him screaming a message from their balcony to the world and i filmed the boys reaction to it. bruno screamed a bit back, but then it was apparent that my friend’s boy’s message was a simple, “love your brother”:

Love your brother

So, what do you think?