24 May

Two Months and Two Hundred Things

Almost two months have passed since I have been able to write here. TWO MONTHS!

I turned 37 almost two weeks ago. (yah!) I had a lovely time. My friends joined me for some bowling on the eve of my birthday, which was really special. We had a great time. Then my birthday fell on Mother’s Day. It was going to be an extra special birthday and Mother’s Day, but it just ended up being me, sleeping all day because I caught a cold. But I needed that rest! I don’t remember the last time I took the whole day and just RESTED! And I got better super fast like that!

And to think that in only three weeks, my two beloved little babies will be two years old. TWO YEARS!

Here are a few things that I’ve wanted to write about in the last few months, but haven’t had a second of time until just right now to actually even consider writing about:

We’ve totally transitioned to regular beds for the boys. That’s amazing and awesome. At first they kept jumping around in each others beds. Then, slowly, they figured out how to open every drawer in their room and take everything out and spread it accross the floor. Then they figured out how to open the door. Now they generally just want a book read to them, some little cuddles and depending on their moods – sometimes they play a little before going to sleep, sometimes they stay in their separate beds, sometimes they need me to stand at the door while they make several attempts to escape.

Tonight, for example, the boys went to bed, but they seemed to have a lot of energy. I put each of them in their own bed and told them “Goodnight”. Before I could even get to the door, both of them were popping up in their beds and running towards the door. They opened the door and ran out about 6-7 times. The first time, I said, “It’s time for bed, little darlings!”, the second time, “Bedtime!” and from then on, it was silence. Each time, I led the two giggling little monkeys back to their beds, I just said to myself, “Actions speak louder than words”. Eventually, they stayed there. As I crawled into bed, a while later, Tony woke up. I think he fell off his bed and was startled. He was standing at the side of his bed so I went to go put him back. He looked really tired and crawled back into bed and I left the room and went back to my bed. A few minutes later, Tony appears at the foot of my bed, giggling again. After a few attempts at cuddling in my bed, I told him, “Mommy needs to talk to you. Either you go to sleep here or we go back to your room and you go into your bed”. Silence. Two minutes later, he was trying to pick my nose and giggling again. I said, “Do you want to go back to your bed?” He nodded yes. “Do you want Mommy to take you back there now?” He nodded yes. So we walked back to his bed, hand in hand. Tony crawled into bed, grabbed Mickey Mouse and I left the room. Haven’t heard a peep from him since.

We have taken away their pacifiers (a.k.a. vices) during the day except for at naptime and night time. It’s working out well! I think they’re communicating with us much more. I would have already started to take the pacifiers away during naptime and night time if it weren’t for the fact that we’re…..

We’re getting ready for a long distance, long trip! That’s right America! Here we come! In just one week, we’re taking the boys on a 14 hour plane ride to Chicago. Sooooo, in the hopes that we have smooth sailing, I’m leaving the pacifiers at night just for this last long trip. By the next time we go on a long flight like this, the boys will be very weaned off of the pacifier and that will be a hurdle to cross when we come to it.

I’m really excited for this upcoming trip. I think the other times we went back to Chicago (three times, each averaging about 2 weeks, in 7 years) and it just wasn’t enough for me. I felt like I could hardly see friends more than once, there were lots of family obligations and so little time to do any fun or relaxing activities. We went shopping, we frantically met people for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and drinks. We ran from one end of the city to the other and before we knew it we were flying home again. Javi is staying for a few weeks, cause he has to return for work, but I’ll be staying with the boys for two months. We’re going to go to Vermont to see all of my brothers and sisters (some of them haven’t even met Javi yet!) and we get to have a real vacation within our vacation. I plan on introducing my boys to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the wonderful world of Vermont Maple Syrup and of course, Vermont Cheeses. And maybe I’ll even get him to eat deer. Or Moose.

I am hoping to have a little time to catch up on my blog while on vacation. This is really a pleasure to write about the boys, to write about being a mother and to record everything that’s going on in my head and in the lives of my two little darlings.


  • Hi. I love reading your articles about the twins. I have identical twin girls who just turned 21 months! We are leaving for Cuba next Saturday and I’m full stressed about everything!! I read the article about your trip with the twins, it helped me calm down a little!:)
    Your boys are adorable! God bless!

    • Thank you SO much Angie!!! We just came back from the US with the boys and I’m going to write on that experience soon. Best of luck on your trip! Everything is going to be better than you think – don’t worry, and yes, sometimes things may get a bit off schedule, but if you are calm, the girls will take their cues from you. Have a wonderful time in Cuba! That’s going to be an AMAZING experience!!

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