21 Aug

Toddler Masterchef

We have a running joke in our house. That started with my seasonal obsession with Master Chef Australia. Whenever we try new recipes or cooking techniques we always proclaim ourselves the master chef and humbly allow ourselves to be judged (lovingly) by others. We give points for creativity and sometimes we lose but mostly, we win.

This morning I made oatmeal for the boys and since it was a bit too hot and the boys were hungry, I gave each kid a handful of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. I woke up the Toddler Masterchefs in my kids.

Bruno added texture to his oatmeal by adding the corn flakes to the top.


Antonio decided that each corn flake was to be savoured in its own special way. He dipped each individual corn flake in the oatmeal like one would dip chips in salsa.


10 points for creativity kids! Keep it up!

So, what do you think?