24 Jan

Terrible Twwwwenty Months

the boys gave me a run for my money yesterday… they’re prematurely starting the terrible twos i think. 🙁 tony has decided that he likes to wear his leash indoors, but not outdoors and he doesn’t want to walk. anywhere. period. he will throw himself on the ground as soon as we leave the house.

and if i pick him up, it’s contagious. bruno wants it too.

and they’ve discovered that they can use their little fisher price walkers as step stools to throw themselves over the couch, from the back side of the couch. and climb up to my computer desk chair to tap on my computer. and today, they were touching touching touching touching everything that they shouldn’t over and over and over and over again. i felt like a broken record. (omg i’m my mom).

alsooooooooooooo i still hate the heat.

the boys spent most of the day in diapers… until they started peeling off their diapers and streaking WILDLY throughout the house.

so i got the little blow up pool out and let them play in the pool. that lasted for 15 minutes and then they wanted to go inside the house and streak some more.

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  • hang in there! In 10 years you will be looking back fondly on yesterday.
    Good luck!

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