11 Jun

Terrible Two Party

Well, we’re in Chicago. Javi, the boys and I had a great time our first week of vacation. We went to Vermont and spent lots of time with family, nature and the quaint villages of New England. But we knew that we were going to come home and have to set up a mini event for our darling little guys celebrating their second birthday.

On their actual birthday, we had a nice dinner, just family and one of my friends, Erin (who is also Bruno’s godmother). We made the kids a nice little cake and filled it with whipped cream and strawberries – and finally coated it with chocolate pudding. It was totally rustic. The boys just loved it and had it all over their faces at the end of the night. They went right into the bathtub afterwards.

Then on the following Saturday, we had a family and friends party.

It was a lot of work for us, but totally worth it. The boys charmed all of their guests and it was so nice to see my family and friends after such a long time. After a long afternoon of playing and opening presents they were ready for their mommy’s cupcakes (well, Antonio was ready for my cupcakes). Bruno was ready for sleep. They were completely exhausted.

Our family and friends were so generous – and I wish that I was able to spend more time with our guests, though. By the end of the night, people were leaving and I was bathing the kids and trying to put them to bed.

I still can’t believe that our little guys are two. They’ve totally began to behave like terrible two year olds. We’re starting to perfect the tantrum and mood swings. Their little frustrations of not being able to communicate well are turning into big frustrations. They need their limits now more than ever and are really starting to be a handful. But they’re just so amazing. They don’t really speak any one language, but they understand English, Spanish and Portuguese. They love cuddles, and they love each other. We gave them safety helmets for their birthday. I can only hope that helps them live a long and happy life with us, and with each other.

I love you, my little Sugar Darlings. Happy Birthday.

So, what do you think?