13 Feb

Summer Vacation Coming to an End

So it’s February and we’re in Argentina.  That means summer vacation is here, but coming to a close.  In three weeks, my kids will be starting first grade and that’s brought up some mixed emotions for me.

I’m not sad that my kids will be starting first grade.  I’m not sad that they’ll be going to school all day and that I can go back to work.  My house won’t be sad.  My house will be clean and clutter free again.  We’ll get into the rhythm of school and that’s going to be wonderful.

My boys will have time on their own to develop their own personalities and interests without having the other one right on top of them.  I’m happy for that.  I’m also happy that they’re going to be socializing with other kids and seeing their adorable friends again.  I’m happy to be seeing the other moms from their class.

Last year, I let my kids stay all day in school and have lunch in the school lunch area, and my kids picked up some nasty habits.  They don’t allow parents to pack a lunch for the kids, and we live just far enough away that coming home for lunch isn’t always viable.   In the school lunchroom, they saw their friends saying that they didn’t like certain foods and tried to try it out at home.  So for the entire first half of summer, I spent my days reprogramming their food choices.

“What do you mean you don’t like fish?  You just ate it last week with no complaints!”

“No, you can’t have cookies in the morning.”

“Milanesas and french fries are not ‘real food’.  Neither are lollipops, gummy bears, nor hard candy; please stop asking for them.”

And eventually — finally, they’re eating well again.  Fish tacos?  “Yes, please!”  Fruit desserts?  “Two of each!” Spinach on your hamburgers?  “Mmm, okay.  Just a little.”  I’ll take it.

But I’m afraid that will be an even bigger challenge this coming year.

I’m sad that means that they’ll probably go back to speaking Spanish to me when they made so many advances in English this summer.   I’m already feeling nostalgic that the cooler, rainy weather will mean putting away the bicycles that they liked to ride up and down the block in.

So, what do you think?