23 Oct
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Saturday Afternoon in San Telmo

This Saturday I went on a photo tour of San Telmo.
I got a new camera for my birthday, a Nikon D5100. It’s my first digital slr. So, I took my time, experimented with the takes, tried to remember what photography is all about to me.

It was thrilling. I had such a nice time.

I remembered that I’m very observant.

And that I like to overthink things.

I remembered that I like to take odd photos.

And I can take cliche photos as well.

But most of all, I loved walking around and exploring.

And I remembered why I love Buenos Aires.

With all it’s chaos.

And charm.

And I love people.

And love makes everything nice.

But imagination makes the world go round.

And then I imagined myself as the kid riding this pig on its carousel.

I went on this photo tour with Foto-Ruta. They have various tours throughout Buenos Aires. Also it was a ton of much needed fun.


  • I love these pics and your corresponding thoughts. Never stop dreaming or using your imagination!

  • Keep it up, dear! The more beautiful photos you post, the more I will dream of visiting again! And I always try to make my dreams come true!

  • Gina, those shots are gorgeous! Well done! Keep them coming!

  • …and your lovely photos remind me why I love San Telmo 🙂 x

    • <3

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