29 Jan

Outsmarted by the Twins

My husband, Javier, celebrated his birthday yesterday.  He had been asking me to make him cupcakes, literally since the boys first birthday in June, so I decided to oblige him and bake him enough cupcakes to keep him “cupcake-satisfied” at least until our children’s second birthday. On Sunday, I started out in the morning by preparing the dough for some brioche. (I didn’t bake until later in the afternoon, because the recipe that I use actually takes about 12 hours before the actual baking time).  By the evening, when the temperatures had cooled, I put the breads in the oven and also used the time to make some chocolate cupcakes for Javi. I let them cool and finally put the cupcakes on the kitchen table, covered in plastic wrap.

The next morning, when the boys were eating, they hardly paid any attention at all to the cupcakes on the table beside them.  I knew that we had a lot of errands to do that day and that it would be quite a hot day, so I decided to get all of our running around done in the morning, while the heat was still tolerable. The boys slipped into our bedroom to jump and play around our bed just before I was to put them in their stroller and I was able to get Tony out of the room quickly, but Bruno decided to open all of the drawers on his way out and finally conveniently sit in the doorway and play with the curtains.  Now, why I didn’t just pick Bruno up and plop him outside our room is because I want to teach them self-discipline. So as Bruno and I were finally walking towards the stroller, we crossed the kitchen – and I saw Tony, standing on a chair, hovering over the cupcakes with an entire cupcake in his face!  So what was I going to do? I grabbed my camera and started shooting – I was laughing so hard that I was crying. I had to move the other cupcakes right away.


So I took half the cupcake and gave it to Bruno – the other mastermind behind this caper – and he of course, swallowed it practically whole – leaving not a crumb to waste.  Antonio then reaches for the mate that his father was drinking in the morning and tries to drink it.


And of course, puts his pacifier in his mouth and looks at me as if he’d never eaten any cupcake at all.  Of course Tony.  There’s no “evidence”! You ate the evidence!




  • Love the story!! The missing part are the two recipes you should publish right away!!!
    (The boys are lovely). Best!

    • Okay Elizabeth, you asked and you shall receive! Thanks!!

  • Gina, That is the cutest story ever!!!

    • Thanks, Cathy, my sister!! hee hee (I knew that was you!)

  • BTW Gina, that last comment was by me, Cathy, your sister!!!

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