24 Jul
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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

It’s winter here in Buenos Aires. That means “cold” weather. It means snuggling up in a blanket in the evening while watching movies with my husband. Roasts in the oven. This is perfect fall weather for me. However, its really middle-of-winter-weather here. Anyway, weather like this makes me think of all kinds of Christmas ideas!  Why? Well, it’s like, pre-Christmas weather! And the warm weather in December doesn’t really inspire me to decorate trees or the house or anything, really. Actually that warm weather usually makes me want to pass out in an air-conditioned room, it’s so ridiculously humid.

So, if my babies give me a few free minutes in the next few weeks, I’ll be thinking of Christmas projects.  Here, it’s not too common to decorate big evergreen trees like in the US. When I went to visit my parents in Florida before the holidays one year, I thought it was really cute that people decorated their palm trees. We don’t have any palm trees. We also don’t have any safe place to put any outdoor lighting and we have no windowsills. This Christmas, we’ll be competing with a curious cat and two curious one and a half year olds. So I am definitely thinking of resilient objects – things that can fall and won’t break.

Last year, my friend Mariana did a post it note Christmas Tree. She has a lot of good ideas. I had totally forgotten about those!

But I fear that the boys will eat the Christmas Tree if I did it this way.

Of course, Kitchmas wouldn’t be Kitchmas without the cleanup!

oh yeah.

Also, this is just creepy.

but if you want the pattern, click here.

So, what do you think?