11 Jul

My Children, the Puppies

Modern Family is one of my favorite shows. Every time I get to see that show, I just can’t help but laugh my butt off – the writing is just so so SOOO good! Since I saw an episode last season where the whole family went to Disneyland, I’ve been thinking about the eventual question that will arise in my household –

“To tether, or not to tether?”… That is the question.

My boys were walking just before they turned one.  On their first birthday, one of my friends remarked that even though I’m with them all day, they’re very independent.  It’s true.  They’re fiercely independent.  They only seem to need me to lift them out of their playpen or crib… otherwise n’er does one hear “Mom-mom!” screamed all day.

They love to explore on their own – and they’re fearless.  Which brings me to the point: how on earth are they going to learn to walk with an adult and listen to authority?

I am pre-panicing. I know. But they don’t like to led around.  They like to lead. In two different directions, at the same time. And on top of everything, they don’t like to hold anyone’s hand. So how am I ever going to teach them not to be “runners” where every time we walk out the door, they take off running?

How do moms of twins teach their kids to walk with them down the street?


  • Gina –
    i read all your stories – very, very cool!! it has been so much fun to watch you grow up and get to this point in your life!!! how very extra – ordinary!! Congrats on becoming such a wonderful woman!!! Renee

  • Toni P says No! to tethers…..just her two cents worth!

So, what do you think?