3 Sep
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Multi-Purpose Crochet Thingies

This should have been a Finished Friday post – however, I started this little project on Saturday when my husband and kids were taking a nap. I was able to finish them relatively quickly, amidst the visits and jaunt to the park with the kids later in the afternoon.

Originally, I got the pattern from Molly Makes but when I was done with them, I saw so many other uses for these little doo-dah’s that I thought, “it’s such a waste to just use these under a glass!”


They’re just the right size to pin to your lapel.

They’re thin enough to hold your barrettes. Or you could attach a pin to the middle and use it as a decoration in your hair!

You could clump them together and put them under your tea pot. Or even sew a lot of them together and make them a little spring scarf. You could make them in Christmas colors and hang them from your tree. Or in white – and put them along your window as Christmas decorations. Or whatever colors, you can string them together and make a cute little girlie banner. Oh look! Eight different ideas for these little “coasters”! Eight!

Can you come up with more?


So, what do you think?