16 Apr
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mixed feelings about this song

This weekend, I was able to catch up on some pop culture.  I like pop culture. I studied anthropology in university and that curiosity about people in the world we live in never goes away. So I put on some music in the background, let it play randomly – and what comes up but this little diddy by Robin Thicke. I like the beat so I start watching the video.  This white kid looks vaguely familiar, who could it be? The song is by Robin Thicke. There’s a 1980’s actor who had an odd shaped egg head like this guy. With the same last name.  Oh right! it’s Kirk Cameron’s TV dad from Growing Pains, Alan Thicke. Yep, that’s got to be some relation.  I looked it up. Wikipedia says that the singer is in fact, Alan Thicke’s (a.k.a. Jason Seaver) son.

Right, during this video there are quite a lot of things that bother me. Also the lyrics are terrible.  On the other hand, the music is catchy.  So catchy that I kind of want to integrate it into my workout music. uuuuuggggggh! But I really don’t want to listen to the guys sing. It would remind me too much of the video. Does anyone else notice that Robin Thicke doesn’t seem to be too comfortable with girls?

And then there are the girls in plastic pants. Clear Plastic Pants. I could have done something cuter with plastic wrap.

But rapper T.I. did an awesome job in this – and balances out the awkwardness that is Robin Thicke. Poor guy.



So, what do you think?