6 Aug
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Masterpiece Monday

well, okay, I don’t know if it’s a real masterpiece, but it’s MY masterpiece! Hey I just finished my first baby granny square blanket. It took me a month, working almost every day for 15-20 baby blanketminutes each day.  Sometimes less, sometimes more. I started it thinking of a friend far, far away who announced recently that she’s pregnant with her first child. I’m so excited for her, and I’m so excited that I’m developing my crochet skills. I like making pretty stuff that people hopefully will keep for a long time after their babies are babies. When I was pregnant, I got a lot of knit vests and crocheted hats and blankets – some of which we use everyday in winter, and some of which I didn’t use at all, they were just too precious.  I’m hoping my blanket is somewhere in between.

Anyway, I was visiting Nube Hilados on Scalabrini Ortiz here in Villa Crespo. They had this very pretty, soft, shimmery yarn that is specifically for babies. It’s called “Baby Soft”. I decided to make this granny square baby blanket when I just happened to put the two colors together. It felt so right. It looked so pretty. Then I made a special border, showing off the delicate, fine yarns. Isn’t it pretty?  Here’s the recipe!

Traditional Granny Square Baby Blanket:

size 5 needle
4 skeins of yarn – this is superfine baby yarn, unfortunately, here in argentina the yarn doesn’t come with a description of being worsted weight or not. I was able to comfortably put the two colors together and use them at the same time with the size 5 needle.

ch 4
join with a slip stitch to form a ring

ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2.
3 dc, ch 2
3 dc, ch 2
3 dc, ch 2

sl st in the 3rd chain stitch from the foundation loop.

ch 3, 2 dc in space, ch 1, **3 dc in next space, ch 2 (this forms the corner), 3 dc in same space, ch 1**, repeat from ** to ** twice, 3 dc in original space and since you’re forming a corner, you have to ch 2 before  making a sl st to join.

ch 3 and continue making your granny square until you’re happy with the size (this is such a beginner pattern!).  If you want to see a nice, clear video on granny square basics, click here. This guy, Johnny, really explains crochet stitches clearly.

Granny Square Edging – I actually found this edging in a wonderful blog dedicated to crochet – called Attic 24. Here’s the tutorial for her granny square edging.  She uses the same color in hers, I ended up making the first two rounds with the green-blue color and the final scalloped round with the yellow color.  I used the same size 5 needle. It turned out like this:
detail of granny square blanket edgingI’m so proud! I’m so happy! My finished blanket! yahhh!


  • Congrats, it’s beautiful!!!

    • thanks Liz!!!

      • They are very beautiful bletnaks, I can see why you’ve been inspired. I’m taking the plunge and making a large blanket, scared because it’s so much work but looking forward to end the product. Goodluck in your crocheting, you’re doing a great job.:)

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