10 Jul
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Mandrillo Buenos Aires

My husband is an architect.  He’s also an artist.  He also loves to build and create and imagine and he never ever stops. Ever. Anyway, I’ve been at him to take some photos of his completed projects. I’ve been working on his website, Estudio Bertolini and want to get some nice shots of some of his projects. However, whenever he goes to the sites, he always takes photos that are more artsy, and never the kind of photos that I want him to take. So he made a point to bring me to the private inauguration of a pizzeria he’s been working on these last few months, and I couldn’t be more thrilled – not just for the free (and quite delicious) pizza, but for the opportunity to leave the kids home with their grandmother, spend some time socializing and taking pictures of Javier’s work, which I find beautiful and fascinating.

I hope you do too.

For more photos of the entire event, please go to my flickr page.

So, what do you think?