25 Oct
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Finished Friday – Starhook Case

It’s been a while since you probably saw anything crochet coming from this blog, but it’s been a rough couple of months. There’s little time to sit down and when I do, it’s because I’m actually collapsing from exhaustion. While Bruno and Tony were in their surgeries, I had some time to kill and some nerves to calm so I was able to do some crocheting. I FINALLY finished a case with a new stitch that I learned from the same blog where I picked up the pattern (here).

Look, the most important thing for me was that I was learning and practicing a new stitch.  I don’t actually think that the pattern was that good, but that’s okay. I could manage.  I thought I was counting the number of stitches really well, but I must have made an error because it just didn’t come out 100% the way I would have liked.  I like straight edges and here there’s a little wiggly edge. So I just started doing my own thing and it came out fine in the end. Now I have a place to put my crochet needles!

Or whatever. I think I may transfer everything back to my little plastic baggie. oh well.

Thanks though to Alli Crafts where you can find the pattern.

1 Comment

  • it looks good….even if you have to put the whole thing in a zip lock, still a good place to keep all your hooks! Waiting for part 2 of Bruno’s surgery blog, and more pics of those adorable boys.

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