14 Jun
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Fingerless Gloves

This is my fourth attempt this morning to write this post. My parents are visiting and the boys are keeping busy running after the children this morning – however sometimes they need help too.  Anyway, next week is my friend Mariana’s birthday and I had the idea to challenge myself to crochet something I’ve never made before, which I must admit is a lot, since although I started crocheting around 6 years old, I stopped when I was around 12 or 13 years old, let some 20 odd years pass by and by chance picked up the crochet needle a few months ago again.

I needed some kind of creative outlet since giving up my baking business this year.  So basically, I’m a crochet beginner again.  And I love crochet – it’s so relaxing!

I was going to try to do some Work-In-Progress Wednesday posts, however with family visiting and my two little active one year olds, I don’t know if that’s a realistic goal. Maybe I should go for, “Things I’m working on this month / year / decade”.

Well, here are some fingerless gloves that I’m working on for my friend’s birthday next week.  Hopefully I can finish them in time! They have a lovely herringbone stitch and although I spent quite some time figuring out the thumb gusset last night, I am uber proud of myself for accomplishing what I’ve done so far!

I found this yarn at Nube Hilados on Scalabrini Ortiz (where they have all the yarn outlets) and I just loved the colors – thought they would go great with these gloves.

fingerless gloves

work in progress


So, what do you think?