29 Aug
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Favorite Subject in School

I used to love my French classes in high school.  When I was young, I was handed down a record (which I still have) of Soeur Sourire – the Singing Nun.  By the time I was three, I knew all the songs on the album – front and back – all in French. I would run around the house singing, “Dominique, nique nique…” non-stop.  My uncle was a French professor and I always took advantage of his, and everyone else who I met who spoke an inkling of French, trying to learn the language, speak it, write it, read it, sing it – whatever!

In first grade, we were given Spanish classes. It wasn’t an obligatory class, so they couldn’t make me *participate* in any way, however, when asked by the Spanish teacher why I wouldn’t participate, I simply told her, “I would rather take French classes. Can you teach me French?” and when she told me no, I told her that I would never have any use for the Spanish Language. (Ironically, here in Argentina, I speak Spanish – Castellano, EVERY DAY for the past six and a half years).

I went to an all girls Catholic high school – Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School (goodness, that’s a long title!) and there I was able to formally study French.  My accent was darned good.  Mrs. Sunquist was kind of weird. So oddly American.  But in the second year, I was paired up with a wonderful French teacher, Mrs. Lange. My salvation. I could spend all day in her class. When I got to university, I minored in French. Between trips to French speaking countries with French speaking friends, I would participate in French language social groups in Chicago (groups of Francophone people would get together on the second floor of the Portillo’s in downtown Chicago every Wednesday).  I would see French films and discuss them in detail with French-speaking friends, learning as much technical French as I could.

And I still understand French perfectly, but now when I open my mouth, Spanish comes out.

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  • that is what happens when you put the word “never’ in a sentence. It will come back to bite you!!! talk soon – Love R

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