21 Apr

Eccentric kids

Today we were riding the bus to their new school.  Soon we’re going  to be moving to a new neighborhood but the boys have already started the commute to their new school.  It would cost an arm and a leg to take a hired car every morning to school and back so we’ve taken to public transportation when we can’t catch a ride with Daddy or Grandma.

I must mention that the boys have a bit of an obsession with buses, trains, cars trucks.  It’s pretty hilarious.  Bruno insists on wearing his safety goggles – upside down, of course.

I realized today that the boys think the safety goggles are really sunglasses.

But mostly I’m so happy that my kids have such quirky characters.  They’re free- thinkers.  They’re curious and independent.  And they take after me.  Yeah, okay.  They take after their father too.  But I think we’re pretty awesome, so I’m happy about that.

So, what do you think?