27 Oct

Come on already!

I’m trying so hard to be patient. I get up in the morning and I can see my little strawberry plant and little green strawberries on the vines. And I know that they’re growing and I have to wait until they’re ripe to be able to pick them. But I’m literally dreaming of eating my strawberries!

I can’t decide what to do with them (if they actually don’t get eaten on the way into the kitchen).

Will they be a shake? or the topping to a lemon pound cake? a strawberry shortcake (yes, i make those!)? strawberry cream pie? or just strawberries and cream? should i use them in a salad or top some pancakes with them? can i wait until my figs ripen to make something spectacular with them (like fig and strawberry marmalade..)

Look at these delicious little babies!

What would you do with them?

So, what do you think?