7 Dec
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Christmas Inspiration Days 8-12

Ahhh, so I thought this was going to be a daily post as well until I got some sort of weird stomach flu bug that left me unable to move for three days straight. I was in a state of painful, odd, feverish stream of conscious, so I was unable to write – unable to clean my house and unable to even think about anything.

So here we are:

Day 8: I was actually struck by what a wonderful group of friends I have here in Buenos Aires. I was inspired and filled with joy and spirit and before I could write about that, I felt so terribly bad that I couldn’t speak. I don’t feel as bad as Rick Powell, however.  He’s an expat here who is battling cancer and the inspiring story here is the woman (Vivi Rathbon) who has started a fundraiser for him, TOMORROW. Here’s the link to the facebook page. There have been a lot of awesome donations for their silent auction by some pretty inspiring people as well!

Day 9: I’m grateful for peanuts in every form.

Day 10: I’m inspired by my children and their love of holiday music! This is a favorite of Bruno’s… “Christmas Island”… I think I might have a surfer dude on my hands.

Day 11: vintage christmas cookie tins. need i say more?

Day 12: a DIY that I’m TOTALLY doing for Christmas!!! I saw this on Apartment Therapy and I’m so excited I can’t wait!!!


Hasta Manana folks!

So, what do you think?