9 Oct

Bruno’s Missed Surgery and the Missing Sutures

So as you may have noticed, I have not written anything lately.  This is because we have been passing through a particularly stressful moment.  See, we knew since their birth that the boys would have to undergo a surgery to correct their mild hypospadias. In not so many words, essentially this surgery would circumcise the boys, but in order to do it, they needed to be at least a year old so that they could go through the surgery under general anesthesia.  This made sense to me.  We met up last month with the Pediatric Urologist who has been working correcting children with hypospadias since 35 years, so we were confident that these surgeries would go off without a hitch.  To our surprise, he told us that each child would go through a 30 day recovery period, and that we couldn’t operate on both children at the same time because the recovery period is quite arduous, not only for the child, but for the parents as well since the toddler needs to be kept busy not exercising or straining himself in any way during the recovery.

So the day before Bruno’s surgery, my mom bought a ticket to come to help us. On Monday, the 12th, we were scheduled for Bruno’s surgery. The night before, he ate dinner at 8pm and went to bed at 9pm as usual. We woke up early, had a little to eat and were out the door by 8:30am, checking into the hospital around 9am. We waiting for our processing and were escorted to Bruno’s room, where we were told to bathe him and a doctor came in to weigh him, check his temperature, ask a bit about the child’s health history, etc. We bathed him and put on his little hospital gown. He enjoyed having the sole attention of mom and dad. We played with him for another hour when a nurse came to get us to bring us to the operating room. We went with little Bruno. I was told that I would be entering the OR with Bruno until he fell asleep with the anesthesia.  So I put on scrubs and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

The nurse came out to inform me that they were looking for some belts. Belts (cinturones) he would say. Or else the surgery could not be performed. The surgeon came out in scrubs and a mask and special operating glasses to greet us and told us that he had notified the hospital when we set the appointment of all of the equipment needed for the surgery, but they had not provided him with the sutures (yes, the things that they need to stitch the cut) that he requested.  He said it would be a few more minutes because they were calling other hospitals to see if they had the sutures.  He told us that often times, hospitals and clinics lend materials to each other and it was a matter of finding someone who had these sutures.

So we waited. Then we were asked to step outside into the hall to wait. We sat out, trying our hardest to entertain our goodhearted, sweet baby who now had not eaten in over 14 hours.  He just wanted to get down and run. By this time, so did we.

Finally, the doctor came out and told us that he had to cancel the surgery.  They called every hospital available in their network in Buenos Aires and nobody had the sutures.

To be continued…


  • I’m exhausted just reading this. Wow. Stay strong, momma!

  • You have the patience of a saint to undergo this ordeal…..

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