25 Nov

Bruno’s Reccovery and Tony’s Surgery

This is what I’ve been doing in the last few months. Living this. The following is more than you will ever wanted to know about hypospadias and going through surgeries with children:

You may have read about the debacle that was Bruno’s surgery for hypospadias.  Long story short – he had a month of intense recovery.  There were 3 days that he remained with the surgical bandages on and a catheter coming directly out of his bladder. After three days, the urologist took off the bandages from the surgery and we had another 7 days of changing the gauze and making sure that the catheter didn’t move from Bruno’s body. My mother was here helping out – and she was 100% needed 24 hours a day. Every diaper change was done with two people. One person had to hold his arms to make sure that they didn’t wander down and move the catheter. He was wearing a double diaper – the first one was there to protect the bandages and collected poop. That only needed to be changed once they did poop – but immediately so that no feces touched the bandages.  If the bandages were contaminated with any fecal matter or got wet, they needed to be changed. The catheter was basically a tube running out from his bladder and ran directly into the outer diaper.

At least once a day we had to change the bandages. Like I said, if the bandages got wet or fecal matter touched it, they needed to be changed. Also once a day, (usually at bath time) we would change the bandages. That required three people. Javi held their legs, my mother held their arms and I changed the bandages. All of these precautions were in place to lessen the chances of infection. The first day I changed the bandages, I felt just terrible. Bruno was screaming because of the uncomfortable position, probably the catheter and removing surgical tape at least once a day from a very sensitive area didn’t help either.  It took us about a half an hour to change the bandages the first time. All the while the screaming baby is on the table, I had to make sure that everything was sterile and that the catheter didn’t move. It was such an intense experience that I just needed to curl up in a ball in bed for a while afterwards. I was shaken, and I was literally shaking. I was sad for Bruno’s suffering and felt like I was the cause of it. I was angry because I thought that going through a 3.5 hour surgery would be enough hell for a parent to go through, but on top of it, I was asked to do something a healthcare professional should have been doing. Or  preferably a robot.

Mind you, all while this is happening, Bruno who normally slept through the night would wake up on several occasions screaming and crying in pain for the spasms that were caused by having a foreign object plugged into his bladder. I was running on zero energy.

After a week of changing the bandages, we went back to the urologist and he removed the catheter. We were able to shower Bruno (and even though the surgery was done in September, we still cannot put him in an immersion bath.

A few more weeks of recovery – making sure that all of the mechanics were working post-surgery, a few more visits to the pediatric urologist and we knew that things were good for Bruno. It was Antonio’s turn.

Everything seemed to go well – although the surgeon said that Antonio bled much longer than Bruno.  We knew that we needed to go through the same recovery so we were mentally prepared from the start.  Though during the week where we needed to change the bandages, we noticed that his catheter wasn’t dripping as fast as Bruno’s. We called the doctor and he instructed us how to unstop it with a syringe. The following day, we had to do the same thing in the morning and in the evening – and the second to last day before his catheter was supposed to be removed, it was stopped up so completely that for six hours, there was no urine coming out of Antonio, no unstopping the catheter and of course, Antonio was uncomfortable.

We called the doctor who was talking with us throughout the day – and finally went to a clinic where he is an associate. Two doctors tried to unstop the catheter and finally they needed to cut the sutures and remove it completely. It was the same day that we took my mom to the airport to go back home.

Things seemed to be going well for Antonio for the first week and shortly after, we noticed that he was in pain while urinating. Thinking that it was a UTI, we took him back to the pediatric urologist to have him checked out. As it turns out, sometimes in these surgeries, there can be complications and of course, we had one of them. The urethra should be open at the tip of his penis, however the skin around the urethra was beginning to close.  We were told that he needed to go under general anesthesia again in a few days so that the urethra could be dilated. Joy.

We left Bruno with my friend and took Antonio to the hospital. Things started a little late, but he was in and out of surgery within a half hour and once he recovered we took him home. Everything seemed to go well. The surgeon was optimistic. However, after another week, the stream of urine seems to be getting weaker and weaker. We visited the urologist on Friday, and depending on how things go this week, we may be back for another dilation or possibly a slight surgical correction.

So, we’ll see our urologist again soon.

This is hard. Really hard. It’s been a hard couple of months with a lot to do and so much happening.

To top things off, the boys are getting their molars. All four at the same time. yah. (can you detect the enthusiasm?)


  • My poor buddies (Little Men AND Mommy)! It will be better soon, my friend. Look forward to the day when all of this is a memory.

  • omg, the boys are so lucky to have you as parents with your unlimited patience and love. This too will pass….hang in there….hope everything goes well this week. XOXOX

  • Big hug to you gg! Glad the worst is over xx

  • gina – you know you have our prayers and thoughts- the good thing – Tony
    will never remember it-we hope!!! pls update when you can!!!!
    love to you and the boys!!!

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