29 Oct
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Bold and Beauteous

I love the trend of bold and bright colors in the kitchen. Its even reflective of what’s going on in our wardrobes and home decor. We use neon in our shoelaces and accessories and there’s even a new move to using brighter and bolder colors on our couches and around our home – and its getting more common in the kitchen as well. There are so many colors available on the market today for kitchens – vibrant refrigerators in blues and oranges, espresso machines in hot red or lemon yellow, even mixers with floral patterns.

And why not? The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home – the place where everyone congregates during parties, and it makes sense to turn it into a place that reflects happiness and personality. I saw this apartment for sale on Bo-laget.se and just fell in love! Who lives there? I don’t know, but I want to be their friend! Who dares to use an orange refrigerator now? I just love it!


  • I love this too! I still heart my powder-blue 36 year old Volcan oven and all I dream of now for my kitchen is a lime green SMEG! Check the ones on this site: http://www.current.com.au/2011/12/08/article/Smeg-feels-the-Christmas-spirit-in-Sydney/JGFQAAGCAU.html 🙂

    • oh btw, you know that there’s a smeg showroom by my house, right? (then see comment below..)

  • really? and I thought of you when I saw that bold orange color!!! but yes, come to think of it – yes! a lime green Smeg would go GREAT in your place!!

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