21 Mar
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Autumn has Arrived!

I don’t know, maybe it’s my Irish roots, but I love marking the official changes of each season.  For me, it’s a time to renew my spirit, deep clean my house and get rid of things that I don’t want. When I was living in Chicago, my favorite season was always Spring.  After every years’ long winter, there was hope of warmer weather.  It could snow in April, but for me, it was “Spring Snow” – just not as bad as January or February snow.

Here in Buenos Aires, I’m the exact opposite.  I love autumn – the intolerable heat and humidity of summer has passed and I can think about dressing fashionably “fall-ish” – which was a rarity in Chicago since fall could sometimes mean transitions were off and quick and temperatures could be all over the place in just one day.  Here, I gotta say, the weather is more reliable, even though it seems that no weather report is ever right. At least in general, everyone knows that it won’t be sweltering hot.

So here is my list of what I’m looking forward to in autumn this year:

I’m looking forward to wearing my boots. They look awesome with jeans, they look awesome with skirts. There’s a little bit of a heel (but it’s a wedge) and they’re still great for walking.

Wooly socks. This is something I have an excess of due to the many years I lived in Chicago. There’s just something about snuggling under a blanket and knowing that your feet are warm and happy.

It’s the official beginning of Crochet Season here.  I crochet all year long, but this is really the time that I get inspired and think about making warm and fuzzy things for myself (oh and my loved ones too!).

SCARVES! It’s not time yet to bring out those wooly cowls, however, I have a THOUSAND scarves and now I get to accessorize with them! yah!

Hot Cocoa. Do I really need to explain myself here? I make a wonderful spicy hot cocoa. Mmm I should give you the recipe!  And here in BA, the cafes offer hot chocolate in a lovely way. They give you a giant class of steamed milk and give you a bar of chocolate on the side. You just unwrap that chocolate bar and stick it straight into your glass.  Did you know that hot chocolate is actually one of the best ways to enjoy the antioxidants that chocolate can offer? Here are 7 health benefits of drinking hot cocoa!

My boys are going to have rosy cheeks! Yeah. That’s a reason.

BAKING. Now that I’m not baking professionally anymore, I am so pleased that I can rediscover baking.  This year I’m going to start making almond milk and experimenting with lattes.

Less humidity. In Buenos Aires, it’s freeking humid ALL. THE. TIME.  This morning as my husband and I were waking up, we both walked outside to feel an incredible sense of humidity in the air. Last night it rained.  I checked the weather online – there was 94% humidity in the air.  But in general, it’s not so bad because it’s not 107 degrees Fahrenheit outside.


So, what do you think?