24 Aug

Aren’t Twins Amazing?

Every year on the first weekend of August, there’s a great festival celebrating twins. It’s called the Twins Days Festival and it’s held in Twinstown, Ohio, a city ironically named by identical twin brothers around 200 years ago. Twins and their families come from all over the world to celebrate the miracle of these siblings. A friend of mine mentioned it to me when I was pregnant with twins.

She had seen photos of the previous (2010) year as documented by National Geographic and began to show it to me. As an expecting mother of identical twins, I was not only captivated by these photos wondering exactly how identical my boys would be, but wondering too, if they would like something like this. There seemed to be a lot of little kids enjoying themselves in the photos as least. They have contests for most alike, golf tournaments, a contest for a royal court, and more. Of course, this isn’t the only festival of twins in the world. There are popular twins events in Australia, China and all across Europe.

Part of the Twins Days Festival was documented by Martin Schoeller, photographer, in the last couple of years as well. He’s taken lots of portraits for National Geographic at the Twins Days Festival and now he’s coming out with a book called, “Identical Portraits of Twins and Multiples” not only exploring the amazing portraitures of identical twins, but triplets and quadruplets as well. Here’s a link to his interview with the BBC.
It’s really cool: interview here.

Its really amazing to see the faces of the siblings side by side.

But what I just loved doing – (okay, I still love to look at these photos) is looking at the National Geographic pictures that they took when they were there.  It’s just so cool. And it reminds me just how lucky and how much fun my little guys are going to have.  Here’s the link to the National Geographic Photos –> clicky! And for more information on the Twins Days Festival in Ohio, go to http://www.twinsdays.org/

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  • I’m a twin! I have an identical siestr…though I’m not 100% sure if we’re identical or not. Back when we were born things were a bit less sophisticated as to how they determined if you were identical or fraternal and wasn’t always accurate. We always believed that we were, so I’m happy to keep thinking it! The weird thing is that on my mother’s side there are seven sets of twins – all same sex sets and believed to be identical. But when I read about this, I read that identical twins are not hereditary, only fraternal are. So either we’re all actually fraternal and the doctors were wrong in every case or there’s something strange going on in my family! Either way, I’d love to have twins. It was so fun growing up as one! We’re not TTC yet, but I will definitely be excited about that possibility 🙂

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