2 Jul

After a year…

I started this blog as my two little boys turned one.  But today is a cold and rainy day, and the boys are taking a nap, and it got me to reminiscing just how things have gone this past year.  It was hard at first.  Although I wanted to have a natural birth, I ended up having a c-section. Antonio was born at 2.6 kilos and Bruno at 2 kilos. Within a few hours, we all started waking up and Bruno was taken into NICU, for regulation of his temperature, size and some vitamin deficiency.  He was so tiny that he did have problems breastfeeding at first, so we were super concerned on making sure that he was going to gain weight.  After a few days, I was home with Antonio but Bruno stayed on another week in NICU.

My parents came to stay with us and were an immense help for the first six weeks. I didn’t rest as much as I should have, but it was nice seeing my parents, since we live so far away from each other and only saw each other on Skype for a year and a half prior to the boys’ birth.

I remember watching their growth and following their milestones with amazement.  I was never concerned that they would not meet their milestones. I’ve seen lots of mom’s preoccupied with that. Either my instincts were telling me not to be concerned or I was just too busy raising TWO children to be concerned.

Those first few months were kind of a blur, but once they hit around 2.5 months, they started sleeping longer stretches, up to 6 hours at night sometime. When they were 4 months old, I started working part time and that turned out to be kind of disastrous.  The lady working for us let them sleep all day, and get off their daytime schedules, which made them start waking up every two hours, sometimes staggered every hour. We decided that after we left for Christmas vacation we wouldn’t have any more help in the house, but that my husband and I would be sharing the duties of housekeeping and I would just dedicate myself to taking care of the kids.

Every month that passed by that first year was like a giant surprise.  I would wake up and say, “it’s the 11th, again?” and there it was! Life at the speed of children.

I’m so blessed to be able to stay home to take care of these two little guys. Not only do I get to laugh and play with them, I get to be there for them and watch them learn things. I can be there for them when they’re sick and I can help them discover the world and teach them as best I can, manners.

I know that life will get more complicated as the months progress, but I’m happy in my bliss of right now.

So, what do you think?