23 Jan

A Happy New Year Indeed

Ahhh Happy New Year!  There are so many things I want to write about my life – and about my kids and I have no idea where to start.

Uhhh let’s start with the fact that I’ve taken a month off of writing here to enjoy some time with my family and do some things not computer related… I also have been trying to resist jumping into the refrigerator on a daily basis because the heat here is just sooooooooo ridiculous. Ugh. Heat and humidity are like, my worst enemies. They make me tired and cranky and I don’t want to do anything except sleep or be in an air conditioned room – and in our house, the bedrooms have climate control, but not the main part of our house – which basically is an oven.

So here we go! First of all, we had a final (fingers crossed) surgery on Antonio. As you know, he and Bruno were born with a mild case of hypospadias and we needed to perform surgeries on them to correct their problem. Tony had a bit of a problem – the urethra kept closing – but our pediatric urologist seemed to have found the problem – he was scarring incorrectly. By removing the scar tissue, it appears that our little dearie is functioning normally and things are all good with that!

It’s 2013. I’m going to be 37 this year. That is dangerously close to 40. That’s kind of freaky, because in my mind I’m still hovering somewhere around 26.


My friend is insisting that the 90’s are coming back now.  I really hope that’s not true because I have not yet forgotten the junky music and fashion that came out of the 90’s in the first place.  But this also means that if you want to label something vintage or antique you only need to go back 25 years to 1988. Soooo, this means the Back to the Future car is legally an antique. Yeah. Some of you just read this and felt old too, didn’t ya?

Next off, I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting at night.  It helps relax me and lately that’s how I am winding down during the evening.

I finished some lovely things that I gave away for Christmas – including a potholder and coasters. I’ve also been perfecting my techniques in crochet. Yes, yes I can crochet, but I’m still a novice and could really use some work on basics that I never learned.  So I am starting to attend a regular crochet class and I already feel as though I’ve progressed so much (it’s only been 2 weeks, but hey, I’m much better at changing colors and have some great ideas for this coming year).


We’re planning on hopefully making the trip up to Chicago for the boys second birthday – although prices are averaging around $6000+ (USD) for the trip. That’s so depressing. There’s an average of $500 less if we travel before they turn two – and all of our frequent flier miles have expired since we don’t travel that often.  So it’s time to start really pinching pennies – even though that’s what I thought I was doing since our last vacation.

This does not change the fact, however, that I’m a mean mom and will continue to make her children eat their vegetables.




So, what do you think?