29 Nov
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30 Days of Christmas Inspiration – Day 6 – Christmas Cookies

Today was a particularly odd day for me. The boys slept so well last night in their new beds and even today, they slept their naps without much fuss. Instead of using some of their nap time to get some housework done, I ended up making a comfortable little bed on the boys bedroom floor and snuggling up for a little nap myself.  I have been plagued this last week with headaches – most likely my sinuses are irritated with my allergies as of late, but hey, what am I gonna do? Take a day off to sleep or something? NAH! Not an option.

We finally got around to hanging the Christmas stockings last night.  My cousin Peg in Minnesota has made them for our whole family, and they’re just so beautiful. See?

I don’t know if you can see how much they glitter – they’re so pretty.

Anyway, hanging up the stockings made me think of the wonderful things I love about the holidays – and one of those things is making Christmas Cookies. Here are some great recipes for my top 10 list of classic Christmas Cookies! You can make some or all of these and wrap them up in little bags or buy a nice plate to bring to your holiday party as a hostess gift or give them away as favors for your own party.  Or save them. For yourself and your family. And make extra if your spouse has as much of a sweet tooth as mine does!

Follow the links to the best recipes I’ve found for these cookies… and just remember, cookie calories don’t count if you do the baking!

1. Gingerbread Cookies – you don’t have to make them in the shape of gingerbread people – you can make them in circles, trees, butterflies, hearts, letters – whatever you want!

2. Linzer Cookies – mmm.. these remind me of my grandfather – my mother’s dad. So sweet.

3. Sugar Cookies – these are ubiquitous year round cookies, but if decorated properly, they are Christmas hits with everyone!

4. Chewy Molasses Cookies – oh oh my aunt Mildred always made THE best. Simple is always the best. Remember that. Unless you decide to add chocolate chips to your molasses cookies. Then simple can go jump off a bridge.

5. Italian Christmas Cookies – these, my grandmother and aunt Marilyn used to make. Yes, my grandmother made them with lemon and yes she used a bit of anise in the frosting. And I think I’ll make them this year as well. The only thing is that I don’t remember my grandmother using sprinkles on her cookies. These are pretty with a little glittery white on them though!

6. Pfeffernussen Cookies – I tried these later in life, and am glad that I have. Love these little guys!

7. Chocolate-Espresso Snowcaps – no. words. needed.

8. Winter Cookies – Can you just imagine eating these while having a cup of hot cocoa and watching the skiers slide down the mountain in Chamonix? I can…

9. World Peace Cookies – these are a Dorie Greenspan classic. All hail Dorie as our baking guruuu!

10. Nutella Rugelach – this is genius. Rugelach is like the Jewish version of a croissant, except that who knew they also invented the cinnamon roll and rolled it all into one delicious cookie? Well, then this girl Amy came along and changed the recipe forever by adding Nutella. Practice saying, “Geshmak”! She’s got a great video as well..

you’re welcome.

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  • Thanks for the recipes! Made the Italian Christmas Tree cookies today. YUMMY!!!

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